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Title Time Intervals and Time Scales
Description The charter of the ITU will be reviewed at the forthcoming World Radio Council (Feb 2012). The ITU may have to relinquish responsibility for the definition of the UTC time scale, leaving no normative authority.

The atomic second based on frequencies of radiation of hyperfine energy transitions of the Cesium 133 atom is the de-facto international standard time interval. Universal Coordinated Time is the de-facto civil time scale world wide. However, space missions and many other applications require time scales and intervals relative to the dynamics of the solar system, the galaxy, and the Universe. It is absolutely essential that:

time scales and time intervals required for space missions and civil time scales and intervals be well correlated so that each can be realized in practice
the diverse varieties of time scales and time intervals be clearly distinguishable from each other
normative guidance be developed for accommodating the distinctions in analysis and operations.

This effort will address these requirements. The objective is to achieve world-wide stakeholder consensus in these critical issues. Through consensus, those most affected can assess the significance of the leap second for correlation of astronomical and civil time scales, assess impacts of that consensus on existing operations and systems, and assure adequate operational processes for realizing appropriate time scales in appropriate time intervals.
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Time Concept Paper.doc

  • Folder: Meeting Notes
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Normative Requirements for Time and Time Scales - Concept Paper Document 2011-05-31

Time Form 4.docx

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  • Group: ISO TC20/SC14 WG3
  • State: Final
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Time - Form 4 Document 2011-05-31

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