Document Details - 2020-05-00025-000_pNWIP(WG1)_Form4_Outline_LargeConstellations_JPN_2020-05-17_ak.pdf

Document Details
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Name 2020-05-00025-000_pNWIP(WG1)_Form4_Outline_LargeConstellations_JPN_2020-05-17_ak.pdf (1MB)
Description NWIP Form 4 Draft dated 17-May-2020 including detailed outline, proposed by Dr. Akira Kato - “Design, Testing and Operation Standard for large constellation”. Proposal to develop in WG1, with joint coordination WG3/WG7 and co-lead JPN/US.
Document State Draft (A preliminary sketch, outline, or version.)
Group / Folder ISO TC20/SC14 WG3 / _WG3_Draft_Documents_(INPUT_folder)
Submitter By Dr. Andre La Croix on Sunday, 17 May 2020 10:21am
Technical Contact Mr. Jun'ichi Horikawa
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